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Noriko sensei

Noriko Towata Sensei

Lead Instructor


  • Started practicing kendo in middle school, achieved 2dan by high school in Japan.

  • Took a break for a while and currently holds the rank of 4dan.

  • Participated in the 2023 U.S. Nationals Tournament.

  • Appointed as the Head Instructor of VKC starting from 2024.

Teaching Philosophy:

  • Strives to provide tailored instruction according to each member's level.

  • Aims for members to acquire etiquette and cultivate mental fortitude through kendo.

  • Teaching motto: "Kendo is fun!"

Bill Kaneshiro Sensei

Founder & Senior Instructor

Kendo 5-Dan.  50+ years experience. Traditional martial arts/culture training.

Studied under, among many others, Mr Masaru Akutagawa (7-Dan) Venice Kendo Club;

Mr Kazuto Miura/Mr Hideharu Meguro/Mr Don Trent (Kyoshi, 7-Dan) Tokyo; Mr Mark Uchida (Kyoshi, 7-Dan) Mushinkan Denver; and under the gracious encouragement, guidance, and inspiration of Mr Tadanori Ota and Mr Takeshi Nakamura (Hanshi, 8-Dan) Tokyo.

Former head instructor—Venice, AMEMB Tokyo, and Valley Kendo Clubs.

Teaching rank certifications from All US Kendo Federation and All Japan Kendo Federation. 

Kaneshiro Sensei
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